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What is Winning Community?    

Winning Community is the name of our small groups.  The term “Winning Community” has a two-fold meaning; first, we are a community of believers that win based upon the victory of eternal life that Christ won for us, and secondly, the Bible says, “he who ‘wins’ souls is wise” (Proverbs 11:30).  The idea is that we foster a winning community that wins our community.  We meet in winning circles for transformative discipleship and relationship.

Why Winning Communities?  

This new venture incorporates elements of our ministry.  We are called to “reach, build, train, and send”.  This helps us reach and build.  In addition, one of our core values is relationship, and we believe that meeting in “circles” as opposed to “rows” on Sunday helps us to get to know each other in a different way as we dialogue together.  It’s also a great way to link with those who may not initially be comfortable in a typical church setting on Sunday.  This way they can still learn about and experience Jesus!

When Do You Meet?  

Wednesdays from 7-8:30 PM EST 

Where Do You Meet?  

We are currently meeting virtually (online).

Can I Bring a Friend?  

Of course!  But we ask that they sign up here prior to linking up with a circle (You do not have to be a “member” of Abounding Grace).

How Often Do You Meet?  

We meet weekly on Wednesdays unless announced otherwise.

What Will You Be Talking About?  

We will be talking about things that build disciples and help us reach our community. (Ex:  How to hear God, Spiritual Gifts, Fruit of the Spirit, etc.) 

Will You Still Have Wednesday Night Services?  

Yes!  Our Winning Circles will meet every Wednesday until the end of the sessions.  (7-8:30 PM EST).  This is additional impartation for us to commune with Holy Spirit and grow together.

What Happens if I Miss a Week?  

We understand that things occasionally come up to where you’re not able to participate.  If you’re unable to be with your Circle one week, then we encourage your follow-up with one of the members of your group on what was discussed.  

Who is Leading the Community?  

We are starting with our Apostle and Pastoral team, and Elders.  All circles are connected to form a stronger link.  There is no competition between circles, nor leaders.

Can I Still Give?  

Absolutely!  Giving is easy, secure, and available 24/7.  You can text to give, by texting “AGFAMILY” to 77977, or you can visit our website

Disclaimer:  We will NEVER sell or release your contact information to a third party.  By signing-up for Winning Community, you are agreeing to receive information and updates by e-mail and text.  Should you wish to be omitted from future Winning Community communication, you may simply update us via e-mail at